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The snow is cool –

The snow is cool – my puppy dog Jack thinks it is fab – he has been playing in it for 2 days now and still isn’t bored. I am not bored either as I watch him hurtle along on the ice! Other than that a pretty boring day today. The high light sadly was […]

Tired and in bed but

Tired and in bed but can’t sleep. Went out last night again and I think my body clock has readjusted to party time. It is so used to me staying out until 3 in the morning that it thinks this is now th norm and refuses to let me sleep anytime before this. Took Elric […]

Well I must say although

Well I must say although Christmas wasn’t planned at all this year it turned out very well. Nick and Vianney were the perfect hosts. Woke up and they even had a gift for me this morning Even though my being there was unplanned. They are so sweet. Actually spent most of the day with them […]

Which reminds me actually since

Which reminds me actually since Andrew is actually not really gay cos he has 2 kids – Scally must be frustrated with the sexy Bruce today. Hope he has managed to get through it alright. Bruce is a cutey though so I can see why he is hung up about it!

Went to heaven last night

Went to heaven last night which was a refreshing change – doesn’t seem that long since I worked there :) Made all the more fun by the fact that I was chatted up – unfortunately he has a boyfriend and just wanted to unwrap me for christmas but… I must admit he was cute and […]

Oh I read about Vinnie

Oh I read about Vinnie Jones’ little advert problem in Metro last week. Made me chuckle a lot.

Well lets see – Channel

Well lets see – Channel 5 are renowned for their late night soft porn peddling. And yet now they are being criticised for showing gay porn. Double standards?

Well looks like Elric is

Well looks like Elric is moving in today – yipes. I eventually went to bed around 4am. Must be getting ready for a new time zone. Itchy feet. Bored. Retail Therapy about to happen in wimbledon of all places :o) Andrew suggested it so I didn’t have the heart to tell him I spent My […]

Oh my god it is

Oh my god it is 2:15 I just realised.  I seem to be confessing a lot this week so hey lets go for another whammy here Derek is cute too – but str8 :( When we had our christmas lunch at the collection yesterday – well I say lunch it was actually a bit longer […]

Okay so I am bored

Okay so I am bored and not tired and have been looking at and managed to aimlessly spend 30 minutes adding junk into my shopping cart. ?24.18 worth of junk to be precise. I mean what was I thinking when I added Vax Machine Carpet Treatment I mean I don’t have any carpets for […]

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