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WARNING: long post (from Sydney)

WARNING: long post Okay well today is Tuesday and it has been non stop partying since arriving in Sydney on Friday night. Bettina who I am staying with [and her sister Linda] is wonderful and so generous. She picked me up from the airport and took me out into town after dropping my bags off […]

oh I should really write

oh I should really write some more but since I spent last night awake I am tired as hell and can’t be bothered :(. Did just check out at the recommendation of Naz and saw this quote which had me in giggles. I would like to dedicate this website to Matt Damon, my loving […]

you know how sometimes you

you know how sometimes you just get on really well with people? well I just didn’t want last night to end – and funnily enough it was 8.30 before i staggered into the flat.

I wanted to blog about

I wanted to blog about the man who climbed Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai too but couldn’t find a thing about it. It was in yesterdays New Paper here in Singapore though.

okay so I am seriously

okay so I am seriously relaxed now and the days are merging into one big relaxed coffee shop/cafe experience. I am struggling to remember what I did on Monday and it is only Wednesday morning. This could in part be to do with the fact I visited the Night Safari last night with Nazir though. […]

ooh and thought i should

ooh and thought i should mention the housing here – HDB is all I will say for now but we are talking seriously planned…

still in sunny hot singapore

still in sunny hot singapore hey well this having fun thing is turning out to be quite tiring lol. okay so sunday I managed to fit in Changi Point – a lovely stretch of beach which wasn’t that busy actually – after of course another coffee bean breakfast – too much of a good thing […]

So since I said no

So since I said no updates for a while consider this an e-postcard. okay so yestreday I went down to Orchard Road with Linda which was cool – bought some sunglasses because it is really sunny [doh!] but since I was wearing my contacts I realised I could actually wear shades. wandered around and got […]

arrived in singapore – local

arrived in singapore – local time here is 12.00 and the weather is fantastic. stopped in bahrain on the way for an hour so not much to say other than I am so glad that from bahrain to singapore i had an empty seat next to me – stretching out was lovely. I must say […]

oh and also did I

oh and also did I mention that scally has redesigned? well he has and it looks fab.

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