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interwebnetAMP#153; people are funny

I cancelled my trip to Amsterdam this weekend in favour of staying home and trying to get better and lots of firends have Im’d me and offered sympathy – {{{IAIN}}} most recently from davo he says ‘that means hugs’ ;) I also received a {{{ [ Iain ] }}} hugs with steriguard™

five, four, three, two, one…

Oh no! Five have up . What a shame. Still it brings back memories of Take That all those years ago :( We can only hope that none of Five actually go onto bigger and better things like Mr Williams.

our network has a cold…

it’s the only reason I can think of for it’s complete lack of speed. I think it is just feeling a little under the weather and can’t be arsed…Q33NY

the not so secret lives of them

anyone who has been watching Channel 4‘s series ‘The Secret Lives of Us‘ will not have been suprised to see 2 men kissing last night. I was suprised to hear Richie admit to his presumably now ex-girlfriend Miranda that he enjoyed it more with men and had had ‘full sex’ not just a ‘head job’. […]

cough splutter

okay so I dragged myself back to the doctors this morning as my chest really hadn’t improved since my infsction a few weeks ago and I now have a new set of antibiotics. I had a choice in fact [kid in a candy store comes to mind] I could have scary sounding ones 4 a […]

sniff sniff..

cold’s are really really annoying. I have one now and am finding it difficult to breathe even with decongestant cold tablets and airwaves chewing gum. The sooner they find a cure for the common cold the better I say – if I go through another winter like last one I’m moving to the country and […]

new toys

I bought a new toy yesterday and it is being delivered tomorrow home cinema kit from sony which I really don’t need but retail therapy was calling me…

imaginary best friends

anyone who gets metro and reads the letters page will no doubt have seen Billy Watkiss’s statement ‘who’s got the best imaginary friend?’ in reference to religion. This has sparked a lot of religious debate including a reply by Sandeep Shah who claims that god must exist because she thinks the world does not look […]

Iain v Ian

normally it doesn’t annoy me too much when people can’t spell my name correctly. Okay so sometimes when I have to fill in a long form and then get handed back a badge or id with my name misspelt and I get angry and think why did they ask me to fill the damn thing […]

lovely weather

in fact so lovely I sat in the park at lunchtime and wished I hadn’t worn an extra sweat top and jacket.

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