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my link to the collective has been severed

and I am on my own :( our network has been down for a few hours now and I have resorted to dialling in to get my interwebnet™ fix. oh and more importantly to do some work of course. Funny how everyone in the office has been chatting today though – no PC’s is the […]

pub quiz

yes I know you are all thinking the pub quiz is on a tuesday but… I went to the wednesday night pub quiz with the lads in streatham last night and it was a mixed bag. Lots of alcohol helped us enjoy what would have been an otherwise dull event. Questions ranged from the sublime […]

ooh bargain flights

over at ryan air starting from 1p [plus your taxes and antisocial flight times natch]

saturday is world aids day

December 1st is World Aids Day and because of linkandthink I have been thinking about HIV and AIDS and written briefly about how this has effected my life this year. I wasn’t sure I wanted to put some of it on the web to be honest so I ended up not talking about some of […]

World AIDS Day

I’m contributing are you?

NTL fuckwits

okay the continuing saga of NTL is that yet again they have fucked up – this time they have no idea what they are doing but although they are supposed to have done all the work necessary to coem tomorrow and install my TV and 2 phone lines they can’t – no explanation as yet […]

amsterdam from another viewpoint

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been to amsterdam now and yet my trip this weekend was very different from any of my previous ones. When I lived in Tilburg in the south of the netherlands I visited Amsterdam frequently. I visited friends and more recently had a partner living there. This […]

St. Reatham is going all pink

and I hadn’t even noticed. Went for dinner and drinks at The Waterfront last night and it had more male couples than you could shake a stick at. then on the way home we took a detour to the ‘gay friendly’ bar ‘ABV’ which was ever so slightly more than gay friendly. Even snogging seemed […]

like your domain name?

well someone else may be coveting it right now! Of course there is no way on the site to check if someone is coveting your domain name. but they offer a service to monitor any domain. scary! In fact snap have a history of ‘stealing‘ domain names by the looks of it.

pub quiz

was fun :) – dinner and drinks beforehand was also fun – afterwards was also fun. This morning was not fun.

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