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oh my god

I just added the tripods to my wish list :) blast from the past or what Takes me back to english classes when we had to write a book review of the books we had read over the summer – I had stayed with my cousins in Connecticut and Kenneth ah introduced me to john […]

oh and whilst I remember

thanks to secret santa for my present.

i hate the M6

i spent a good portion of yesterday on it – not actually moving you understand just sat bumper to bumper with all the other people who had decided to go up north for christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone

hope everyone has had [or is still having for those of you in the US] a fabulous and merry christmas. It truly has been a family christmas for me for the first time in a few years. My brother, sister-in-law, neice, nana, grandad, mum, dad, and numerous aunts and uncles are all staying at my […]

It snowed today

whilst I was christmas shopping in covent garden – wandered into neals yard and it started to snow – made me feel all christmassy – or whatever :) also went to the national film theatre to see the wizard of oz today – kate and paul were very suprised that this was the first time […]

merry christmas from the borg

aol australia have a tasteful flash animation for the festive season – not sure why they have snow though since they are in the middle of summer at the moment. Anyways play at your own risk :)

awwh Jack comes out in Dawson’s Creek

I just watched the Dawson’s Creek episode where Jack comes out of the closet. sweet – and so very dawson’s.

net passport

okay so microsoft say that hotmail [which now uses net passport] is secure. they also want other sites to use this as a login service – a kind of global gateway to your favourite sites kind of thing… only problem is whenever I log on to hotmail I get this security error. doesn’t make me […]

ooh paul keating chubbier…

ian reports that Mr K has possibly become a little chubbier than previously at closer to heaven. I prefer to call it chunky and I quite like chunky :) so mr K if you fancy a skinny boy let me know

tis the season to get drunk

and watch the fantabulous pantomime at the retro bar. unfortunately I felt the need to leave before the carol service but twas a truly fabulous evening.

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