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is it my imagination or has the world gone completely mad? well actually just English Law but the world sounds grander. mobile phone theif gets 4 years versus 2 years for raping a six year old boy [wednesday’s metro]

no I don’t work for SKY

but I do recommend scrubs so if you don’t have cable or a dish you can come around to mine next thursday – I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Really really funny. Oh and yes I was procrastinating still – I was supposed to be painting my hallway – but TV for once was […]

looking for any old excuse

to not continue writing a consultancy document for work. It’s one of my 3 month Goals I was given last week and although the subject matter interests me [Rich Media] writing the actual documentation is boring as hell – oh and scary too – remember when you were at college and you would spend 5 […]

my conscience is a slob

Iains Conscience: hmm, guess I’d better go get up and dressed Iains Conscience: it is 16:10 lol

blogger A and blogger B…

well actually it’s Colleague A and B this time around – I am Colleague B in case you are wondering… ColleagueA: having a conscience gets in the way of your social life ColleagueB: indeed ColleagueA: they were invented for people with nothing to do all day so they have something to worry about discuss…

the little things in life

poor scally is having lounge and flight trauma’s. I can imagine – since I work for the same company and now fly less and less – soon to lose my bmi privileges :( I’m also hoping the man groping him at Hertz realises he has a man these days and isn’t that kind of girl […]

burns night

was fun at scally‘s except for his little announcement that is ;)


whilst in the bar on Friday night before heading off to the Burn’s Night Party. I was chatting with Captain Bootcamp – you know who you are… and he is talking about shaving – and here I have to quote… ‘you know when you have to get up at night to shave because your breasts […]

thursday humour

In order to meet the conditions for joining the Single European currency,

all citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

must be aware that the phrase “Spending a penny” is not to be used after

31st December 2001. From this date, the correct terminology will be


london tea for london people

now call me a cynic but when I went into the kitchen today to make a morning brew I was confronted with complimentary packs of ‘2 free tea bags’ from the London Cuppa Ltd. The blurb states ‘At last a tea specially selected and blended, in London for Londoners.’ So erm how does that work? […]

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