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so you work somewhere for a few years and then you get a nice desk you sort yourself out and stuff and then you get moved to a pants desk which is by the door and everyone who walks in will be looking at my screen and I’m never gonna manage to have private IM […]

flashback time

one of the advantages of my PowerPC G4 is that it comes with iTunes and has a 20Gb hard drive so my 2130 songs or around 7 days of music fit comfortably. The other advantage is the randomising feature on the playlist – so I can listen to stuff I haven’t heard in quite literally […]


Blogger E is bouncing around due to the impending ‘date’ with the current man of the moment. Who has failed to put out yet. Blogger E: No one has ever resisted this long bless the optimism of youth ;)

ooh ooh

I want one, no really I do!

HaXoR ChAt iS KewL

The below transcript is true only the names have been changed [mine noticeably] to protect the innocent – on the other hand if you wanna IM HR CL Direct and warn them a few times feel free :) I knew it was a hAxOr type person and was bored so played with there head and […]

today on ickle

emoticons – not quite ascii art [a plaster – (:::[]:::) ] but much more useful! oh and it’s‘s first birthday too so go help them celebrate!


gay elves anyone?

okay okay – this takes the reward for the most specific disturbing search request for a while gay porno free elf OR elves -pussy -lolita -pregnant -tits

unrequited love

I went to see ‘The Fluffer‘ last night after seeing Adam and agreeing to take some photo’s and a very pleasant if somewhat unnerving chat about blogging, community and if there was anyone I wouldn’t want to read this blog . The film was very funny and company was good too. Spence and Glenn, Colin […]

can someone please

tell me what the antonym of conscience is?

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