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Espa?a era fabulosa

I’m back and all lovely and tanned and relaxed and refreshed and stuff :) More on that later – off out to play now as I am still in the holiday mood.


*terms and conditions may apply, may contain nuts, may not be valid in all countires, subject to staus, only available for a limited period, etc etc I so hate small print – no really I do. All these stupid offers for things which you can’t use because some stupid bit of small print says hey […]

I need a holiday

and I am off next week for a whole week – you know like 5 days – so maybe I should just go and book one? Of course if life were this simple everyone with spare time would be going off on holiday ;) Seriously though last night I managed to fall asleep at approximately […]

ooh ooh

I’m going on holiday :) Andrew just booked flights somewhere so I need to be at the airport tomorrow morning nastily early – so no updates for at least a week. Be good and play nicely whilst I’m gone. xx

How cool?

is this keyboard?

Mrs Scouse

When I worked for Danny La Rue I worked with a number of other Iain’s and we had a couple of regulars also caled Iain so it was a pretty confusing place. In order to make it less complicated for our colleagues and friends we adopted a number of nicknames – some of which have […]

happy and sad

I spent the weekend helping Dave move into Meg and Paul‘s flat in West Kensington. It was fun and I enjoyed it and didn’t need the present [I am dying to go look at my wishlist to see what it is but am being restrained]. I am also a little sad as it is yet […]

hubba hubba

thanks to Rob and his mate Oliver for sending me a link to Paul Cattermole with less clothes than is possibly good for him ;) Certainly less than is good for me on a friday morning :)

visual candy

was watching tv with Andrew last night and Mutant X was on Sky, so we decided that Forbes March was a bit of alright when Andrew [who also decided he quite liked Victor Webster] came out with the classic line “You know how I don’t do bottom very often well I’d be spit roasted or […]

anf fetish

For all of you who think I am an abercrombie whore – I am not – I just stopped myself from purchasing the lovely top shown below. [only $29.50 as well]

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