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I can’t believe it…

Dogs and babies allegedly mean you have an excuse to talk to anyone. I never really saw this as a benefit until today. I was out walking Jack on Streatham Common when I noticed a man on a bike. Jack noticed him too. You know how dogs are. So after a brief introduction I was […]

on my hitlist currently

You know how sometimes there are no films you want to see at the cinema? Well this summer is the opposite for me. My current hitlist – in no particular order – include; The Bourne Identity – purely for Matt Damon you understand ;) Spiderman – gotta you know – cartoon to film it has […]

Big Brother fans protest over net fees

Disgruntled viewers have criticised Channel 4 for charging ?9.99 per month to watch live Big Brother action over the internet. About 1,000 people have signed an online petition protesting at the fee for live streaming, but Channel 4 argues that it is a better service than the free one last year. A spokeswoman apologised for […]

Virus Behaviour:

Once executed the worm searches the Windows address book, ICQ database, and local files for email addresses then it sends an email message to these addresses with itself as an attachment. The worm contains its own SMTP engine. The from address is forged and is made up of an email address it has found within […]

Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones

I went to see it last night – I suprised myself and enjoyed it for the most part. Dave sent me this today which remonded me I have not written anything about it yet; A furious light sabre duel is under way. DARTH VADER is backing LUKE SKYWALKER toward the end of the gantry. A […]

Kylie Kylie Kylie

Kylie was fabulous. Really really fabulous. I enjoyed Madonna but I have to say that Kylie was much much better! She wasn’t ashamed of her Stock Aitken & Waterman past and mixed in the old classics with the new hits. I have to say though the dancer in the confide with me set was horny […]


Spence is my vote for winning Big Brother 3 and not just cos he is cute ;) The other Spence sent me this story of male bonding from the Big Brother website. “Could this be the start of something beautiful?” or is it just blatant self promotion from Channel 4?


I’m moping as I actually want to be in a hotel room in Seville right now. Big Brother 3 is keeping me suitably distracted however. My boss says I become a Big Brother Addict when it is on. It’s not true – well okay maybe a little. I can’t help it if it’s on E4 […]

Dermot on E4

Big Brother‘s Little Brother – I am so in lust. Hubba Hubba.

Busy Busy Busy

at work today :(

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