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Nemesis Factor

Nemesis Factor has arrived! expect me to vent my frustrations soon.


It’s a lovely evening and I am outside with the laptop and a glass of wine and really want to watch Dawson’s Creek but don’t want to go inside :( It’s on again Sunday but I’m going to be in Liverpool. Dilemma Dilemma.

wasp sting

I was not going to blog the fact I was stung by a wasp on Saturday. Well actually I was not going to blog where I was stung. I do however change my mind frequently. So erm I was stung by a wasp. It was very very painful. I am never having sex again. I’ll […]

eurostar clouds

eurostar have an advertising campaign at the moment with pictures of idyllic scenery and a tagline of ‘better than looking at clouds’ Well if they had been on my roof ‘terrace’ these past few evenings they may rassess this. Beautiful sunsets over south London with silver and rose lined clouds have made me long for […]

lovely al fresco evenings

I have been enjoying London and more specifically my flat these past few days as I have spent more and more time outdoors on the roof ‘terrace’. Saturday was very hot and sticky but the real selling point for me is dinner alfesco with a glass of wine watching life pass along the road and […]

bus this morning

I awoke this morning to the strange sensation of quiet. I live on a fairly busy road and my bedroom is at the front so if I sleep with the windows open I invariably awake to the sound of traffic noise. Cars beeping and screeching to a halt by the zebra crossing. Today however there […]

hot and bothered

It is stupidly hot in our office today and I want to be at home sipping something cool on the roof ‘terrace’.

Wishin’ and Hopin’

With the advent of inventory software at work I’d like to get a PC at home and have been looking to buy a second hand G4 – so if you know anyone upgrading there’s when the new releases happen soon give me a yell!

Lazy Sunday

After the excitement of Sports and Shorts on Saturday night I awoke late and meandered [after feeding my guest brunch] to Clapham Common to meet some friends. It was a lovely and very hot day. Part way through I realised I was the only English person amongst a sea of Antipodeans. They all look so […]

Fire Fire

Whilst having a barbeque this evening with the lovely DR David and also Andrew we noticed a fire around about the Mayday Hospital in Croydon. Thick black smoke was apparent in a few moments and lasted for no more than 5 minutes. Amazing to think how fire can spread so quickly. Earlier in the Day […]

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