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Anti Spam

What a cool idea for identifying spam origins. [email protected] I always use the site name or some other form of altered address. I noticed recetly for instance I was getting spam to one address I used only once over christmas last year. Unfortunately I discovered a friend had this address on their blog :( I […]

There’s Oil Six Feet Under Dallas

Tom has this theory that Six Feet Under is Dallas under any other name… I kid you not. His reasoning behind this? Tom: Two brothers Tom: one is cool Tom: one is not Iain: LOL Tom: one’s wife is a nightmare Tom: from a dodgy family Tom: they bicker about the family business Tom: after […]

Emotional Blackmail

I normally don’t talk about my family much on here. Today I am going to make an exception. I’m going to quote an email I received from my mum today. Granted it was to both my brother and I – so we can share the guilt equally no doubt. Whilst asking us to call my […]

Slap her…

SlapHer… She’s French Thanks to Tom for the heads up on this trailer – I laughed heartily this morning when I got into work and watched this. Another one to add to my hit list. Along with The Bourne Identity.

Moveable Type

Oh and did I mention MT is sexy as hell? Version 2.21 rocks – inspired me to think about another redesign, I think an homage to my new cube in there too. If I ever get time to worry anout it I might turn the thoughts into actions. If this weekend is anything to go […]


I grew increasingly disturbed by the current vodafone advertisents this evening whilst watching six feet under. With a tagline of ‘get the flirting over before you get home’ and images of what looks to be people having affairs or something. I’m not sure what kind of message they are portraying… Oh and a very dark […]

Dive into Jaguar ;)

Mark agrees I should gloat ;)

Squeamish Eye Stuff

A number of people in my office have had lasik eye surgery recently. I have always considered it and have made an appointment for friday for a consultation. eep.

Brewers Deux

Well I went for a beer after work and then one thing led to another – taking some of the guys from work to the two brewers on clapham high street – after yet another thai at the railway Lots of fun had by all.

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