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Brighton Pride & Woody Harrelson

[email protected] – I just got around to updating some of the photo albums – so erm if you are at all interested…

I thought I was being sad

I logged on tonight around 1am as I couldn’t sleep – only to discover half of my office are logged on too! Let’s see how bright and sparky they all are tomorrow…


Dave manages to make it sound like everyone at work is gay. They aren’t – just for the record ;)

Strangely Familiar

It’s wierd to see other peoples pictures of places you know so well – David C has just come back from Washington D.C.

Happy Birthday

It would appear Google are 4 today.

Guns in Streatham

Walking back from Streatham Odeon having watched SwimFan we walked past a guy standing on the corner outside the police station. I notice he is wearing a US police top and a badge around his neck. Dave notices he has a gun. We walk on and occaisionally look back. I try to stay out of […]

Did I mention

Safri Duo are currently high on my playlist? Played-A-Live is brilliant.

I see stupid people

I am seriously considering a career change. If one more stupid person asks me a stupid question grrrr. It is lucky we are not in the US and we have stricter gun control laws otherwise I may go postal today.

how cool is this?

Google News apart from the not so witty footer…


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