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Nokia Game 2002

Let’s hope I do better than last year! This year though they have come up with some community elements like YOM, what a YOM is I’m not entirely sure but…

Halloween and Holidays

I’m off to a friends tonight for a combined Halloween and Bonfire party. So I nipped into tesco to get some chestnuts for roasting and some flowers as a thanks for the invite kind of thing then had to walk past Oliver Bonas and noticed some really cute decorations. Now I’ve never gone in for […]

Take That

Allegedly Take That are planning six tour dates for next year in a suprise come back tour. Sadly minus Robbie. Since I was always a Gary fan anyways not too much of a problem for me ;)

Need a breather at work?

I know some of my friends have a use for this. Fake Copy Application.

DVD Heaven

DVDSONTAP.COM – Rent unlimited DVDs for only ?7.99 per month. No Late Fees. No due dates. No strings. No fuss. – Does exactly as it says on the tin…


I’d like to thank T4 for showing Kylie Fever 2002 and reminding me how absolutely stunning Terry Kvasnik the dancer/acrobat from the confide in me set was. I mentioned him back when I saw the concert. Seeing him large in widescreen though :o) hubba hubba!

Okay so I am SAD

Well actually I think I am displaying the symptoms of SAD. Well not all of them, I haven’t noticed a loss in libido. So I may go on a holiday somewhere sunny and invest in a lightbox.

you know when life gets complicated?

well it did recently.

I’d rather pay firefighters

Than politicians. Firefighters confirm strike dates today. Little wonder really is it? Am I the only person who thinks that politicians who vote themselves pay rises should not make comment on what other people are paid? While we are on the subject am I the only person who is amazed how little a firefighter is […]


My Apple – iPod has arrived and I am stupidly excited :o) Ooh ooh new toy!

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