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stupid star alliance

Check In 3 hours before my arse we waited since like 3.30 and no one came to check us in until an hour and fourty minutes before the flight was due to leave, and can I just say for the record that terminal 2 is pants. Then of course I had to contend with the […]


Is the magic number… No more no less. Well actually that is the number of text messages stored on my phone. They date back to last year when I first got it. As I forget to erase them after replying. So it is taking me about 20 seconds to open the inbox now. Time for […]


Just had an unexpectedly really nice night. Nice company. Nice restaurant. All around nice.


Weird to think how some acronyms just become accepted. HMV, BT, DSL, AOL etc… Weirder still to think that some people never knew what the acronym stood for in the first place. Chris and his friends have had a debate about HMV and had decided it must stand for ‘Her Majesty’s Vinyl’. I nearly choked!

7 hours and counting…

Okay I’m gonna be more sporadic than usual since I’ll be the other side of the globe again ;) In the meantime why not check out some of my favourite reads here, here or here.

24 CTU ringtone

Geeky I know but the ring tone for the phones at CTU is quite unique. has it posted in Nokia composer format – I just need someone to send it on to my phone now since I don’t have composer ;) Credit Card Fraud Is anyone else concerned that credit card companies have simply […]

-1 v. 26

Yes not much of a choice there is it? London v. Sydney weather wise I know where I’d rather be ;)

Two more sleeps :o)

Watched 24 part two last night. I’d taped it from BBC3 on Sunday night as I was not going to stay up late after watching the first episode on BBC2. It was excellent – easliy as good as the first series (and that’s unusual for a second series I find). I packed last night too […]

organica, blogger and google

It’s a bit like blogdex but erm it’s organica Oh and in other news: Blogger has been bought by bloggers other best friend Google. I’m waiting for them to do something with Microsoft or Apple so you can blog directly from your calendar.


You may remember back in september I had LASIK surgery to correct Astigmastism. After the publication of a damning report from Health Which? last week, which claims that the industry is over-hyped and unsafe, the furore over laser eye surgery shows no signs of letting up. Metro has more.

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