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new corporate logo

It’s nice to know that AOL Time Warner has got a sense of humour. They have just spent $250,000 on a new corporate logo that looks like it was knocked up using MS Word to make the text ‘Time Warner’ in the Times New Roman font and then made the background blue. Screen grabbed it […]


okay so for the past few months a few of us with Macs in the office have been sharing our music with iTunes. Today Apple announced iTunes for Windows. So our little walled garden is soon to be invaded by the rest of the office. I wonder how long it will be before our IC […]

VeriSign, internet body declare truce

VeriSign and an internet-over-sight body have reached a ‘truce’ after disagreeing over VeriSign’s new service that exploits errors users make when typing web addresses. VeriSign has temporarily halted the service, called SiteFinder, that steers users who type an incorrect address to a VeriSign search engine. This comes after a formal demand from the Internet Corporation […]

orange is the new black

well it is if you see all the redesigns I’ve seen recently and gaydar are the latest to have gone jaffatastic!

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