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notetoself: nothing is easy

So I’ve created the new blog on notetoself. Now I’ve imported my entries from 8letters and I thought hey that’s it… Nope as all of the images and links are still 8letters. So much for smart exporting and importing then :(

oh my god

just to say Dave (the long haired hippy) has had a haircut. I’m shocked.

Darius a true scot?

I think everyone who has subscribed to popbitch or reads smackedface must have seen this by now but just in case you missed it. Now since my family have their own tartan and all and I have worn kilts to weddings and the like I know that sometimes it’s best to wear something underneath regardless […]

people are people

After a leisurely walk through town and along the south bank Allan and I went to the World Press Photo exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall yesterday evening. I was overwhelmed by the images of human suffering. Many caused by war and fighting. It saddened me to think what people do to other people for […]

Walk for Life

I’m doing the Crusaid Walk for Life again this year so sponsor me :o) You know you want to!

It’s not grim up north

So Manchester was lots of fun. :o) I spent a lovely friday afternoon in Green Park with my folks. We had a large picnic and lots of fun. I then speeded across town to Leyton to meet Allan and drive up north. The new M6 Toll road was excellent and saved us heaps of time. […]


here I come :o) Weekend of partying for me and a few mates. Looking forward to being out of London again for a short time!

UK Childrens Words

I just used the phrase bagsy in an email – then wondered if it was actually a real word. So Matt looked it up and… bags verb {T} (ALSO bagsy) UK CHILD’S WORD to have the right to have or do something because you say you want it first: – Bags I sit in the […]


I’ve been away all week on an influencing skills course. So can I influence any better? I’ll have to wait and see. I did learn an awful lot about myself and my learning styles and thinking styles though. I came down 100% on the visual thinking scale. So I think in pictures and describe things […]

Sony ‘Standards’

Having bought a number of Sony electronics bits and bobs in my past I know how they like to live in their own world with their own set of standards and cables and the like. Now they are launching to rival iTunes Store. Tracks downloaded through Sony Connect are sold in ATRAC3 format which […]

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