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spammers suck

So [email protected] has sussed that all of us using mt-blacklist or similar bblacklists have added his email address to prevent him comment spamming. Looks like he is now using [email protected] – let’s hope he/she is blocked for a bit longer on this one. My BLacklist is located here and the spam clearing house is here.


I bought this album when I was in the states a few months ago and have really enjoyed it. Only just caught the video to The Reason and really liked that too. Allan thinks it’s rough boys music…

The BBC, the lost tape and the 6-foot fridge

The BBC, the lost tape and the 6-foot fridge – from The Register

bloody hell

I’m doing the walk for life on Sunday and some extremely generous person has anonymously sponsored me ?100. Bloody hell. I was just saying the other day how I haven’t put as much effor tin this year and the team from work is going to be smaller due to workload and a number of external […]

note to self: stop pimping iTunes

no really – I know I’ve been pimping it a lot recently but… here’s another link. AOL Music on iTunes :o)


Exclusive iTunes video It’s excellent!

note to self: enjoy it while you can

I was chatting over lunch about Gmail and the fact that I am loving it most for the fact that I only get mail that is addressed to me and from people I know. I’m sure when the spammers cotton on to it then that may change but so far no spam and no hint […]

note to self: don’t spend too much

See all of a sudden iTunes has launched music store for the uk :o) Also [email protected] are available so if you wanted to hear Dido – White Flag ([email protected]) you can :o) Excellent!

Beckham’s Fruit of the Loom moment

Did you hear that David Beckham’s voice will be used for the announcements at the new Wembley stadium? Wait for it, wait for it… Apparently he comes over the PA very well. Okay so by all accounts he didnt and he also took a dislike to the press insinuating that he did. He’s also taken […]

note to self: don’t forget to vote

Okay so I went to vote this morning and contrary to news reports of voter apathy I had to queue to get into my polling station today. London Elects (and so does the rest of the country) seem to have got the message across.

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