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Manchester Pride

We went up to Manchester this weekend for the last of the summer pride events. Lots of fun. Lots of dancing. Lots of music. Lots of beer. Lots of boys. That about sums it up. No really it was a really good trip. Took the train up on Friday afternoon for a leisurely start to […]

Is everyone gay?

Well some would like to think so. Nathan Conroy claims to have had sex with Robbie Williams. I’m kind of thinking if he was then surely someone would have seen him out and about in clubs by now. Plus all the rumours about his flatmate – surely in this day and age he would simply […]

Fire Fire Fire

Okay so not a real one but we did have a fire evacuation from the office today. On leaving the fire exit we walked directly into some policemen (there for a completely unrelated incident). No firemen though so I took a pic of the policeman instead.

overheard snippets

On my way into work this morning walking from Kensington Olympia to the office I was walking in front of a man and woman having a conversation about holidays and the like. Transpired he was going on a beach holiday. The reason it caught my attention was the phrase ‘wearing tight pants makes you look […]

Not so Little Chef

In a bid to be a little more modern Little Chef is changing it’s logo Sadly as I can attest from a recent visit to a Little Chef at Hinckley, on my way back from the midlands a few weeks ago it’s not just the logo that needs updating.

one born every minute

In amongst my spam mails today I got another of the Lagos Bank Scams. I always wonder how people fall for such gambits. Standard Trust Bank of Nigeria, Lagos-Nigeria. STRICTLY A PRIVATE BUSINESS PROPOSAL I am Alhaji Ahmed Dasuki, The manager, Bills and Exchange at the Foreign Remittance Department of the Standard Trust Bank of […]

Give us back your Scousers

Liverpool, a city once synonymous with unemployment, is now facing a labour shortage. Under the banner “Give us back your Scousers” it wants workers who left in more troubled times to return. According to the BBC

I can’t sleep

It wouldn’t be so annoying if I hadn’t decided to try working earlies next week. (Work have decided we can start an hour or half an hour earlier or later in a first attempt at flexible working). So knowing I have to be up at 7 instead of 8 and yet lying in bed from […]

cheap and easy

So it looks like orange have issues with easymobile using orange for it’s website. Can you own a colour? I think it’s ironic since easy group used to complain about anyone who tried to register a domain with the word easy in it. case in point one and case in point two. The shoe is […]

easy… tiger II

looks like it’s not just easyjet that isn’t any cheaper than it’s mainstream rivals. easycinema is having similar problems according to their comments. Ruth says”Cheaper seats? I don’t think so!!! The only prices under ?4.50 is ?1 off for attending on a Tuesday or for a non English speaking film!” Brian says “Can I just […]

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