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when in roma

okay so now a little bit like in Manchester the gay club Hangar has an internet section. So after checking gdar it seemed natural to talk about the italian waiter with the big salami! no really that’s one you can get by email only. x rated and all that!

ciao from italia

Yes I know it’s sad to be in an interwebnet caf? when on holiday but… I needed to check my bank account honest! Having fun and stuff.

the internet is full of freaks

The internet is really full of weirdos and freaks Mandonna for instance…

note to self: it costs money

I was in Brighton for the weekend (staying at The Grand) and yesterday it was very very hot. So naturally the beach was very very busy. Also it meant that all the boys had their tops off. I spent a lot of time with Nick looking and perving. Since none of the usual crowd were […]

new obsession

Eric Mabius is a good candidate for being my new obsession, from the really good new series The L Word. Who would have thought it. The americans can do gay really well.


Okay now although I am normally against the free advertising eBay receives from the weird stories released to the media about things people sell on the site. This song is genius and I don’t care if it is free publicity for them!

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