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possible gay int?

So if you have ever used eBay to search for a tee shirt or any other clothing I’m sure you have come across the phrase ‘possible gay int?‘. I’m slightly confused. Do they think this item of clothing will be more fashionable to the rest of the world because gay people are allegedly more fashion […]

notetoself: do not obsess

nick: it’s post time me: ooh excellent

Iain for sale?

Okay so I was playing with Google Desktop Search and then searched for my name (call me vain) and the sponsored links worried me ;o) Okay so you may have my UK Credit Report but you can’t spell my name!


Did I mention I’d started to play with which looks set to be the new toy of the year. It’s loads of fun and as you can tag all of your photo’s you can link them up with other people in groups and all in all is easy to use. I’ve been meaning to […]

Clapham Junction Mayhem

Clapham Junction Mayhem Originally uploaded by 8lettersuk. At 8:30 this morning Clapham Junction station ‘Britains busiest railway station’ was evacuated. How to bring south London to a standstill.

Firemen in Rome

Firemen in Rome Originally uploaded by 8lettersuk. This was taken in Rome (not for me I hasten to add). I never did take a pic of the waiter ;)

Hate Crime/Hate Law

On Nov. 2, Ohio will vote on Issue 1, a state constitutional amendment that purports to simply ban same-sex marriage but actually goes much further. It essentially removes rights that one would think are human. If you thought Section 28 in the UK was bad then you should read all about the new laws sweeping […]

radio silence

Okay apologies for the radio silence of late. Some family issues. Some friends visiting. Some bad news. Some having a life not writing about it.

notetoself: keep up

So I don’t check the Appple Trailers for a while and all of a sudden there is a new Farscape Movie. I mean hello… Ben Browder on the big screen :o)

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