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note to self: nothing is simple

So I got an email reminder my oyster card was due to run out. I went online and ordered a new yearly one. It didn’t charge. I checked online and realised it was my old one that stopped working in the summer… so now I have to manually do it for this week at the […]


NAME: IAIN RACE NUMBER: 17142 POS: 8925 5K TIME: 0H 26MIN 39SEC 10K TIME: 0H 53MIN 7SEC yeah try to ignore the fact that I messed up the form and autofill added my email not my name! So if you want to see me cross the finish line you need my name and my […]

Black Friday

The most provocative gimmick, titled “A little naughty can do a little nice,” comes from youth apparel retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. Early morning shoppers will get a chance to pose for photographs with sexy male and female greeters at all of the retailer’s 364 stores nationwide for a $1 fee. More…

land of the free

home of the consumer. No really. I forget when I am not in this country how much their economy is based on shopping. Democrats take note. buy less for the next four years.

When in Rome

So it looks like one of my favourite songs (The Promise – When in Rome) is set to make a comeback. It features in the film Napolean Dynamite so it’s bound to be overdue an almighty remix. Which has to be better than the slightly dodgier midi version which popbitch linked this week.

Which middle class am I?

I’m alt.middles apparently.

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