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itunes gone bad

shots in dave’s honour

shots in dave’s honour Originally uploaded by 8lettersuk. Barcode. Sunday Night. £1 shots. Never good. Michelle, Gary, Nick and I had some Dave in his honour! Needless to say I felt rough this morning. Needless to say some of last night I wish to pretend never happened. In fact it was all so unnecessary since […]

Just how do you get boys to undress?

Helsinki cathedral Originally uploaded by Gryts. Especially at -20c in Helsinki! Nice though ;o)

Top or Active?

Okay so heated discussion in our flat about this. Not the difference (if there is one) but how gaydar describe your ‘role’ in life. So Matt insisted it was Active and I thought it said top. Turns out we were both right. For some reason known only to gaydar, the PC shows Matt as Active […]

The World Trade Center Crater

The World Trade Center Crater Originally uploaded by kk+. Kris on flickr took this pic and I thought it was rather cool – you know how I like a man in uniform ;o) The rest of the series is here.

pure genius

safe for work – well actually probably not – depends on where you work obviously!

A criminal is a criminal…

on aol

spam (again)

Would you even consider dealing with a company that uses the worst english in the world to try and avoid spam filters? This pitiful attempt did make it into my inbox today – In creeease your quality of life through Huuumaaan Groowth Hooormooone and Test ossssteroone The raaaapy. We have fullly liicenseed m ediicaal faciiliiiities, […]

farscape – peacekeeper wars

‘There was a boy called John…’ When Crichton is interrogated by the Eidolons and has to explain his predicament, he says he does it for the 89th time. This is a reference to Ben Browder’s voice-over for the opening sequence of the 88 episodes of the Farscape series. Sky One have been using this voice […]

the rise and rise of chav culture

Worse than the whole Gay Int? thing on ebay is the rise of scally and chav gear. All I was looking for this time was an adidas top. So it looks like now if you have any second hand clothes you want rid of on ebay you just add the words chav or scally and […]

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