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all checked in

I’ve just checked in online – after consulting seat guru. So I have nice seats (unless they change them) and can’t wait to get to the airport. Woo Hoo! (still stupidly excited) Oh and it’s still snowing in London and still hot in Sydney ;o)

one more sleep

One more sleep cos I fly tomorrow night – more exciting though is I woke up to a blanket of snow over south London! Excellent!

horn bag tastic

yipes – I must go to the cafe more often. okay the food is unhealthy but where else can you go for lunch and be surrounded by horny builders and workmen? So trying not to obsess about the one guy who was really nice and then two guys come in in trackie bottomes, shaved heads […]

it’s going to snow on thursday

So according to the BBC Weather it is going to snow in London on Thursday. I’ll be away then though on my way to sunnier climes ;o) It’s very cold here at the moment which is making my impending summer much more attractive. Roll on holidays.

Impending Pilgrimage

Okay so call me predictable if you like but I know what I like and I like what I know. So it’s now only 5 sleeps until Singapore Airlines is speeding me on my way to Sydney for the annual party season in the sun. Northy is also coming but due to star alliance and […]

I Love Pants

I Love Pants Originally uploaded by 8lettersuk. I seem to have a reputation!

You can’t always get what you want

No, you can’t always get what you want You can’t always get what you want You can’t always get what you want But sometimes you get to have lunch :o)

Windows XP Stealth Upgrade

Every morning for the past fortnight I’ve had a new updates ready to install alert from windows automatic update. I’m beginning to think that Microsoft are installing Windows XP to anyone that hasn’t gone out and bought it via the backdoor. One day I’ll expect to log in and have a green start button.

waterford – more than crystal

So work have a warehouse call centre based in Waterford, Ireland and Nick and I came over to offer some training to one of the teams here. Sadly there is only one flight a day to Waterford from London Stanstead during the winter months so we opted to fly into Cork for a more convenient […]

sad but true

the best talent was on the bus on the way home. horny scottish boy. oh for the old boyz classifieds with ‘you: scottish and eating chips. me: lusting and horny. N155 Sat 12th Feb at 2:25 ish Clapham Common to Balham. We chatted, you got off at my stop etc’

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