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Okay so spam is bad. Today however I got a mail and I didn’t recognise who from. So I started to read the joke and then at the end realised it was definitely spam. Still at least it made a change. —- Subject: The Blonde and the Sheep. Date: 29/4/05, 8:01 am From: Harry To: […]

Brands gone bad

Orange are brilliant. Well I used to think so anyway. So much so that I have recommended them to all of my friends and at least 5 of them have switched. Their customer service is great. Up until last week. I used to have a price plan that included orangecare insurance. Somehow or other over […]

bloody sandwich shop

Okay so the sandwich shop opposite work is known for it’s crapness and usually the fact you hardly ever get what you ask for is just irksome. Today though I asked for avocado and salad. when prompted i asked for it again. and then a third time. finally selecting lettuce and tomato as my salad […]

ooh ooh

Anyone fancy a trip into space? Virgin have launched Virgin Galactic and you cna book online. I might have to save for a few decades first but…

those lovely people at

It’s not very often you get something for nothing. In fact normally it’s a bit like there is no such thing as a free lunch. Today however I was suprised and pleasantly so. Those lovely people over at (who host my images now since it’s a lot easier and they have tags and flash […]

chav culture

Just in case you don’t know what a Chav is, according to Campaign magazine, they are “young, white, under-educated, underclass obsessed with brands and unsubtle jewellery”

24 CTU ringtone

Okay so loads of people are looking for the CTU ringtone again since the new series is on TV. If you have nokia composer then: 32f2 32f2 32f2 8- 32f2 32f2 32f2 32f2 32f2 32f2 4- 32b2 32b2 32b2 32b2 32b2 32b2 32- 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 […]

Gazza strikes GOLD

Okay so Gazza has got his visitors emailing him pics – Personally that’s what I use gaydar for but hey – anyone want to send me pics of themselves feel free! I see a meme of 2005 happening ;)

seederney mardee grah (Part 1)

Okay so I’ve been a bit slack with the update from Sydney Mardi Gras and my annual pilgimage to the southern hemisphere. What can I say – even Dave managed to get his account up before me this year! I’ll have to get him back for the Stimpy comments somehow… I have managed to upload […]

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