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brand consultants

So I’ve decided if I ever sell my other flat I’m going to start a brand consultants. There is a particular consultancy that has been using the same old tired designs again and again. What shall we do this time? I know lets use their name in fuzzy letters and four colourways. In fact lets […]

depressing ringtone anyone?

Midi files of depressing music. Although Don’t fear the reaper aint that depressing if you ask me.

PC v Mac

See no one would fight and wet themselves to buy an old thinkpad now would they? It’s worse than the IKEA riot.

morning commuters

Okay so I know I rant a fair bit but really. Some people seem to have no idea that there is anything going on around them So there is the morning commuter moving towards the barrier and then stops to get their ticket out not realiing there is a mass of people already with their […]

I always wanted a barcode tattoo

Was never entirely convinced what product I wanted to be permenantly marked on my body. Now it looks like if I was in Taiwan I could put anything I liked on it :o)

genius onederwear

Okay so maybe not genius – depends on what they are like when you wear them but… Onederwear however win hands down on the brand naming front :o)

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Oceanic Airways flight 815 from SYD to LAX Lost (US) Lost (UK) Matthew Fox

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