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Bird Flu

Get more Take That

Oh and while I remember it’s almost 10 years since Take That split – so a new Take That – Never Forget (DVD) and Take That – Never Forget (CD) will be released on November 14, 2005

Get More Robbie?

Robbie Williams gets naked on his site. How come Gary Barlow didn’t ever do that? I’d rather see Gaz naked than Robbie anyday!

a tattoo too far?

More tattoos

TFL are bloody cheeky

“We are also providing a number of alternative bus services, picking up at stations served only by the Northern line, particularly in North London, to link with other Tube lines.” Because obviously those in the south with less transport links to tube lines don’t need replacement buses. So out of 7 services only 1 is […]

Commuter Hell

With the Northern Line shut all day many people walked further into town until Balham to try and get the overground train into town. Sadly I start my journey here. The station was like a war zone. So I wallked to Wandsworth Common. Not much better there. I continued on to Clapham Junction where it […]

stalk to your hearts content

I built a tool like this when I first started at AOL. It was using an old proprietary coding language only AOL use and would not have been suitable for member use so I just used it to stalk ahem I mean search for people on gaydar and AOL. goes a bit further though […]


Imagine you write an inspirational religious book about coming back to god. Then you call it ‘After you’ve blown it’ and the publisher decides ona suspiciously phallic image. As you can see amazon have already amended their coverwork.

I wonder if crows can read?

commercial closet

Apparently AOL has a commercial closet as does Unilever.

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