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Is everyone doing a naked calendar this year?

Last year I wanted the Manchester Uni calendar – mainly for the month of May. This year I am spoilt for choice. The french rugby team now have more and more competition not least from the cardiff lions.

Naked Marines

Ritual Abuse in the armed forces is rife. Making marines strip naked and mud wrestle is one thing. I’ve been to many a party like that (ahem) but the video the ‘News’ of the World publicised at the weekend is no ones idea of fun. Followed of course by the Mirrors Exclusive of another shocking […]

I wonder if…

I used the phrase Ivan Massow Naked with his Pink Motorola V3 Razr and CTU ringtone all in the same post would google melt? It seems that those three phrases were all anyone over the past week searched for to get here. So for those of you searching here they are in no particular order. […]

madonna at koko

madonna at koko

I was amazed when working for a Time Warner company came up trumps for me on Tuesday. We has a staff competition and at stake were 2 pairs of tickets for the Madonna show at Koko in Camden. Imagine my suprise then when Corp Comms called me to tell me I had won the tickets. […]

do you shower?

UK search

I’d never heard of Mirago until Henry, The Mirago Robot came and spidered my site this morning. He plays well with others apparently :)

A pink Motorola RAZR

GAYMOBILE and the actual danish site

what will the chavs do now?

no more 50p undies now that all their stock has been destroyed by fire.

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