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away for christmas

Andy and I are in Paris at the moment waiting for our flight to Johannesburg. We decided to avoid Christmas in London and not go home to parents. Can’t wait to get some winter sun :o)

Spam and grammar rarely mix

No doubt this also has a virus but hey I use a mac and besides I was too busy laughing to download anything. Hello! (address removed) for a fast exchange of messages suggests you establish Yahoo.Com Agent. Download you can directly in this letter I have attached last version of the program program to the […]

Christmas Gifts

Andy was wondering what to get me. Well okay he has got me lots already I suspect but who doesn’t need a scroll bar scarf?

I’ve seen this before

But I can’t remember where. It’s the whole pretend to be share trading on websites thing all over again.

Christmas in Soho

More pictures… Did I mention I have a new phone? It’s a Sony Ericsson w800i – in a massive move away from both Nokia (last phone wass a bit poo and no new decent on) and Orange (really poor service if you are already a customer). So hello O2 and hello SonyEriccson oh and hello […]

cumming all over

yes you did read that correctly. I wasn’t being rude though. Cumming All Over is one of a range of toiletries from Alan Cumming. Hey if you have a comedy surname you may as well use it! Thanks to Canary Warbler for making me spit coffee on my keyboard for pointing that one out!


Matt Damon got married.

big bang

Andy and I were awoken at around six this morning by what we thought was an earthquake. True to form I fell straight back asleep. It turns out though that it was an explosion north of Londona at Buncefield some 50 miles away. By now you have probably seen the news and know it’s a […]

Ingenious iSpam

Now using iPod style branding. I still don’t need Viagra but when I do…

how outrageous I am so boycotting

Air New Zealand and Qantas have banned men from sitting next to unaccompanied children on flights, sparking accusations of discrimination.

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