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missing anything?

How do small boys manage to get dressed without noticing that they have failed to put their underpants and one sock on? See I’ve always wondered the same when I notice single lonely socks. In fact when I wander around and see lost clothing I always wonder if people miss it. So much so I […]

Intel and Mac

FilmFour moves from pay TV to Freeview

In July it will join Channel 4, E4, E4+1 and More4 on the free-to-air digital service. One less reason to have Sky!

I want one!

New screen technology and software combined. Allegedly patented by Apple.

I love the internet

youTube great video sharing site a bit like flickr but for videos. So you get short films, uploaded adverts and humourless american kids who think they are funny. Popbitch – funny as anything. Combine the two and you get a promotion of a great (but not safe for work) video of a footballer falling out […]


So David Beckham only wears his undies once. Well if reports are to be believed he buys new Calvin Klein Underwear every month and buys £1k’s worth – I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of money on smalls. I reckon he just wants a new lucrative sponsorship contract. I’m wondering how long […]

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