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line of beauty

I am so glad I was in a happy mood this evening. If not then the AIDS filled and homophobic episode of Line of Beauty would have made me suicidal. Still Desperate Housewives to look forward to!


Ironic that the now ‘retired’ rentboy who sold Mark Oatens story to the tabloid press lists in his gaydar profile that he is looking for honesty. I guess going behind someones back to expose them for a huge wad of cash could be described as honest but not in my book.

Big Brother Seven

Oh dear another year seems to have slipped by. Can it really be BB7? I remember way back when being in Dublin training and having BB1 or was it BB2 streaming on the main screen. It doesn’t seem that long ago. This year it looks like the producers have just decided to fill the house […]

The power of NLP

For those of you who have never heard of neuro linguistic programming, Derren Brown brings it to the masses. Weirdly we’ve been talking about NLP a lot recently at work because of a culture change programme we are rolling out. Not that we are using NLP you understand but we hae touched on aspects of […]

Ronan Keating

Ronan Originally uploaded by 8lettersuk. I just had to take a pic of this from Metro. I almost bought Cosmopolitan in Waitrose last night too but resisted. Might see if any of the girls in the office have a copy though ;o)


How cheap can some people be? The other weekend I did a bit of a clothes clear out – mainly because I bought so much last time I went to the states with work and had no drawer space left. So I took a bag to the Cancer Research charity shop and waited patiently for […]

Music taste hasn’t changed much since last time!

Abercrombie & London

The billboard on this wall hiding construction of Abercrombie’s London store was designed to attract attention, the retailer said. ooh ooh! I’m all excited about the new London store – although I have a feeling it will be a little pricey – what with The Gap being about £1 = $1 then A&F will be […] spam

So looks like a whole heap of my contacts are being spammed by – I can’t login to to find out who is being spammed so an open apology to everyone I know at this point I guess.

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