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My IQ score is 131!

Well if you put stock in online IQ tests. I do since it seems quite high :o)

Paul CARSON – Bogus Fireman

Police wish to speak with Carson in relation to a series of deceptions in which lone females are approached, generally on supermarket car parks, and told a well rehearsed account of how he is a fireman stranded at the location due to having lost his car keys and needs money to get a train back […]

Red Cross Abseil

As high as the planes! Uploaded by markdrasutis on 24 Jun ’06, 4.08pm BST. We raised £750 which AOL will be matching so that makes £1500! not bad for a Saturday morning. I was bricking it though which thankfully you can’t see from the photo.

aimtoday drops the softly softly approach

Click to enlarge Go to the movies you wanker! At first I thought oh okay in the US they say ‘Jack Off’ not ‘Wank’ then I though o way – it’s just someone upset with the world having a laugh. It’s still live (for the time being) at

I am in the 3.3% richest people in the UK

Allegedly according to he channel 4 rich-o-meter which earlier today proclaimed – You are in the 3.3% richest people in the UK.

anyone want to stalk me?

My Windows Live Local collection

Google Porn

Warning – probably unsafe for work! So with that in mind you need to click the link below…


Does anyone else find mobilelocate scary or is it just me?


I’m doing the British Red Cross Abseil on June 24th – feel free to sponsor me!

Keep smiling

Brilliant Oligatory Office Supplies arrived in my inbox today which is just as well since it looks like AOL is up for sale

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