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AOL Pictures

Techcrunch is bemoaning AOL Pictures relaunch. I think they are missing something though. Flickr, photobucket, bubbleshare and others may well look slicker and have more intuitive UI but they simply do not have the userbase potential AOL has from the start. You simply wouldn’t get the gems shown here on bubbleshare et al. Not to […]

26 Countries (11%)

create your own visited countries map So it looks like I’ve added a couple since last time.

wee mee spreads like wildfire

My buddy list has been over run recently with wee mee’s from and it’s amazing how similar some people look. Not sure you can see here but three of the girls (fuzzed for privacy) look identical in their wee mee’s!

friday humour NSFW

Well it might be safe for work – depends where you work really anyway here it is.

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