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Fighting back against the monopolists

So in my quest to get a Freeview+ box with DVD player/recorder I ended up buying an LG RHT297H which is great in most ways (a few niggles like losing the time and hence recording times when the power cuts) but is forced to only play region 2 DVDs. Now I’ve said it before and […]

Google Contacts Nightmare

So a slight problem recently with contacts. I use a number of tools and web apps in my daily life to keep things organised beacuse I work for myself I use a number of machines in a number of offices so it’s easier to rely on web applications for some tasks. 30 boxes ( for […]

If you had a name like this…

You would have to change it! Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr Randy Person

Scientists at work

Shame they spent all that money and then they just stand around all day. LHC webcams

New favourite tune

Paul Oakenfeld – Not Over (featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic) more: @

Apple MagSafe power adapater replacement (free of charge hopefully)

This evening my magsafe was flickering red and green and when I went to check the connection it felt really hot to the touch. When I pulled the cable it came out leaving the magnet attached to the macbook. The cable is burnt through so it was lucky I was here. After a quick search […]

Funniest comment award goes to…

Just because Stephen Fry loves Apple does not mean you need to be bent to enjoy good design. Jon Ive, the Apple design GOD, is married with kids. SUre, they might be photoshopped in but I don’t think so. I love good design and I’m as straight as a fence post. I also enjoy Stephen […]

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