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FNN – Facebook News Network

If I had the money to start a TV channel this would be the channel I would fund. Really funny parody of Facebook newsfeeds in a news bulletin format. Very funny from the collegehumor folks

CTU ringtone from 24

Okay so loads of people are looking for the CTU ringtone again since the new series is on TV. The details of how to create it or the sound files are all located in previous posts. 24 CTU Ringtone

WordPress for iPhone

So I’ve been playing with wordpress again recently as I’ve been doing a blogs project at work. I’m amazed by how many new plugins there are. It makes the blog platform better than many content management systems I’ve worked with. Also since I have an iPhone the wordpress application is a great addition. To complete […]

Discovery Advert

Be warned you will not be able to get this tune out of your head!

The long wait to record free HD TV in the UK with Freesat+

For years we’ve been promised that Freeviw would be the future. Now of course we have freesat too but more importantly and something I’m hoping will be the future is freesat+ Essentially it’s all the best bits of freesat – the free HD programmes the regular extra free channels and no monthly subscription with the […]

A great example of directed UGC

The platial map below directs people to share where they where when they heard Obama had won the 2008 presidential election. It’s a great way of engaging your audience and generating content.

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