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A great onion youtube parody

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A ‘Good’ Video The youtube asks for some decent content parody! Like google care when they are raking in that many ad impressions.

Super hot MacBook and the glass table

No it’s not the new Harry Potter book title. The moral of this story though is never ever leave a MacBook on even if it is cosed and asleep. Ever! I was out but I presume the sleeping Apple laptop was hotter than the tempered glass dining table could take :-( No more dining table […]

Job website hit by major breach

Hackers are believed to have stolen the personal details of millions of people using the online job site Monster. Users around the world have been affected, including the 4.5 million users of the UK site. They of course didn’t think to email me or change account passwords by default instead they put a tiny notification […]

Bonds TV Commercial with Michael Clarke and Pat Rafter playing tennis

Bonds advert featuring Pat Rafter and Michael Clarke with Michael stripping part way through and catching the tennis ball in his briefs! Very similar in fact to the previous soccer bonds advert

Barack and Michelle

Surely she didn’t say that! It would appear the Obama’s like fisting!

Win £1000 and design a new 50p coin

The Royal Mint are asking the public to design one of 27 coins to represent sports from Archery through to Wrestling. Designs however, must not include a recognisable likeness of a known sportsman or sportswoman. There are some more rules and you must follow the template given as some elements remain static like the London […]

Mac OS X and Lotus Notes

It’s interesting that there doesn’t seem to be that much information about Notes and Mac OS X since this site now seems to attract a lot of visitors from Google because of this post about gripes with Lotus Notes on OS X maybe I’ll slowly build up a resource page for things related to Notes. […]

The best job in the world?

Want to be an island caretaker at the Great Barrier Reef? Yes so do I and probably hundreds of thousands of others – especially since the salary is ridiculously high too. £73,500 and a six month contract – smells like a tourism campaign to me but hey I’m heading on over to with everyone […]

cool new browser plugin

Thanks Dave for sending me a link to cooliris which is a great browser plugin – I love Flickr and now with the help of cooliris browsing photostreams is much more fun and so much easier – cooliris works on hundreds of sharing and web 2.0 websites, including the likes of Bebo, Facebook, Friendster, Google, […]

traffic by country thanks to

I don’t often add counters but this one is actually quite fun as it splits by country – obviously not wholly accurate as no geo-detect ever is because of the way traffic is routed by individual ISPs

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