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Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-01-31

loving the 'MyTubeTwittBook' phrase at the end of this BBC article on late night TV in the US # yay to equal rights – Andrew's travel insurance covers me automatically too :-) # @seanthiggins don't forget to check that out… in reply to seanthiggins # – @seanthiggins I was referring to your earlier […]

Sergeant Clarkson

If you haven’t already checked out Sergeant Clarkson of Homeland Security then you really are missing out. From the dog walker who posed in a bikini through to toilet training and the search for virtual friendship with his namesake Kelly Clarkson! Check out the Sarge’s Blog for more.

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-01-24

So fat people get an extra seat for free but I have to pay extra for overweight luggage? How does that make sense? # If ever I doubted how bad o2 were it's having sat next to someone using an iPhone on Vodafone and opening endgadget. O2 over 10 x longer! #

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-01-17

Where is this snow I've been promised? # – Do I want a piece of mind with my EasyJet flight? Not for £4.95 and not if they can't spell peace! # So Lord Lucas thinks it's acceptable for search engine services to make a copy of all of the content of websites… […]

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-01-10

so hold on I can take a dodgy patent out three years after a company is already operating then sue that company? #fail #Shazam #TuneHunter # I'm at Gastro (67 Venn Street, London). #

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-01-03

I'm at Balham Bowls Club (7-9 Ramsden Road, London). #

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