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Apple Adverts have definitely improved with time

Okay so everyone is talking about the iPhone4 FaceTime commercials and the Matt Damon look-a-like at the moment but by far my favourite adverts are still for actual Macintosh computers. I still own a G4 Cube and it is beautiful if not especially well powered now. It’s great as an iTunes media share though as […]

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2012-04-17

I may have to veto the music selections at Seren today. NKOTB… # @juter isn't that what 'shuffle' is for? in reply to juter # Unexpected walk across the river to work this morning. Northern line broken but not my spirits :-) # @theexhibit when is the Garden Party? I have a feeling […]

Canon what were you thinking?

Seren have just purchased an iPF6300 A1 printer. Great :-) Driver installation on Mac not so great :-( First the installer closed all my open applications without warning. Thanks. It’s installed icons in my dock without asking me. Cheers. It’s set itself as the default printer. Fabulous. It’s ignoring the System Preference for default printer. […]

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