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The Telegraph: Promoting homophobia?

I thought I’d go for a tabloid style headline today in the style of Milo Yiannopoulos from the Telegraph. On August 5th Milo feels that social networking is all good. “Social networking? A lot of fun.” he says. This all changes once Milo encounters Grindr an iPhone application aimed at Gay and Bi-sexual men and […]

The reason eBay is no good for buyers

Well actually eBay the worlds largest tat bazzar is actually no good for sellers either but for buyers the saying buyer beware has never been more accurate. Take for example the regular scams that appear. Okay some of them are not exactly scams but they are dubious. It would be easy for eBay to stamp […]

People do the silliest things…

Recently a lot of people have been talking about passwords and how they are too simple. What the researchers failed to mention is that it doesn’t matter how secure your password is it will not help. There was a bit of a buzz on Twitter yesterday about an application called Twifficiency. It allegedly calculates “your […]

Why Grindr has become boring…

Grindr became successful in London and the UK mainly because of some fantastic word of mouth advertising from Stephen Fry. Also because people ‘advertised’ their app on other networks and websites. Now however Grindr is successful and they forbid ‘advertising’ any other apps or services within your profile. Their now frankly ludicrously long list of […]

Why is installing a printer such a battle?

Attempting to install an Epson printer and EpsonNet network adapter this morning and it’s amazingly complex. Over 9,000 yes that’s right over nine thousand items to be installed in the first tranche before anything else. About 15 applications so far and I haven’t even got to the EpsonNet part yet. Really people in this day […]

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