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Tweets on 2012-04-24

@russelltovey since #DrawSomething says you already have too many games I'm guessing so. in reply to russelltovey # @TSGoodchild excellent :) in reply to TSGoodchild # @DaraghLally yeah we are in Dublin at the weekend :) #excited in reply to DaraghLally # What goes on twitter doesn't stay on twitter @guardiantech:Twitter users arrested over naming […]

Tweets on 2012-04-23

Data protection shoukdnt be an afterthought Marathon runners' details leaked including home addresses. #DPA # I didn't realised Google exclude themselves from data protection rules using Google Inc as the data processor. #sneaky # Is anyone one else interested in a 10K run on July 8th? @bartschelfhout isn't around to make sure I […]

Tweets on 2012-04-21

@foreverjammin well I'm not voting for hypocrite #Ken in reply to foreverjammin # I think fluorescent socks are in fashion for Saturday football. # Is it bad I might vote for #Boris based in the ridiculously hot canvasser this morning :) #

Tweets on 2012-04-20

I couldn't have said it better. Thanks @andrewwlambert :-) # “@mattblank: Says it all….” Poor Tillie being abused for art! #

Tweets on 2012-04-19

@ken4london "I have no interest in managing my financial affairs" says the man who earns too much and doesn't need to budget #ken4ken # Whilst he was on a jolly 'advising' other mayors in south America, china and Africa he hired an accountant. Talk about scapegoat. #ken4ken # If he's that clueless about his tax […]

Tweets on 2012-04-18

Funny 2:47 guide to the EU cookie law not sound legal advice and it's way more complicated obviously but fun #cookielaw # @nocookielaw I din't hate it – it's a pain to implement across sites and ad networks though! in reply to nocookielaw # Major impact on Advertising networks if up to a quarter […]

Rain rain

So the tube has been okay mostly for the last week or so which you forget completely when you have to travel 4 stops in the opposite direction to actually get on a tube in the morning. That’s not get on and get a seat that’s physically get on. I might not have time for […]

Tweets on 2012-04-17

All this exercise is making me hungry – I'm starving! # Historic views “@waterkant: Shuttle ferry with "Discovery" flying by the AOL office in VA (taken by a colleague:” # Apparently the nerds prefer to be called geeks – they were still excited by the #Discovery landing though. # ooh #Discovery touching down at […]

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