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I don’t get a lot of spam since I switched to gmail but…

Reese, Ian ? [email protected] 13:30 (21 hours ago) to undisclosed recipients Attn: Ms. Rubiah Bashir, wishes to entrust her entire estate to you to set up a Charitable Foundation in honor of her late Husand (Late Dr. Abu Saud Bashir). Please contact her through her personal email address: [email protected]

Dear Laurette

I received a lovely (spam) email from ‘Laurette’ this morning. Although I’m tempted by the tequila I’m consigning this to the bin. Laurette Khan ? [email protected] 01:57 (8 hours ago) How’s it going pretty! :) It’s Laurette. If you are interested in spending great time in a company of funny, sex appeal woman then I […]

bing is for #fail

bing are rebranding from “the decision engine” and have chosen to have people search for the phrase “bing is for doing” sadly on their own site the auto-suggest feature suggests a lot of rather negative things before you complete your phrase. Among them ” bing is useless” and “bing is rubbish” – someone in their […]

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