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Sandy Boosts Local Online News Brands | Digital – Advertising Age

AOL-owned Patch, which operates roughly 860 sites across the country but has high penetrations in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, reported its highest-ever traffic day Monday — page views were up 88% from the previous highest day. The Daily Voice, a competing network with 53 sites in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, said traffic […]

20 experiential web design trends for 2012 | Econsultancy

Web design by its very nature continues to evolve, as it must, to make the most of modern browsers and the likes of HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery, and to provide a wonderful user experience for tablet and smartphone owners. Nowadays there is plenty of opportunity to stand out from the crowd, by being ahead of […]

ESTA The downside of a new passport

The downside of a new passport :( What should I do if the information on my passport has changed?If you obtain a new passport or there is a change to your passport information, you must apply for a new travel authorization and pay the associated fees. See What information can I update? for a full […]

How Zappos’ User Agreement Failed In Court and Left Zappos Legally Naked (Forbes Cross-Post)

In January, Zappos (part of $AMZN) announced a massive data security breach affecting 24 million consumers.  As typically happens in these situations, plaintiffs’ class action lawyers swarmed over Zappos for the breach, filing dozens of lawsuits.  Zappos tried to send the lawsuits to arbitration based on an arbitration clause in its user agreement.  Recently, a […]

Kylie Minogue – Mardi Gras Sydney K25 June – YouTube

Oh did I mention I was there? TAB! Kylie Minogue – Mardi Gras Sydney K25 June – YouTube.

American Apparel causes Twitter outrage with ‘Hurricane Sandy Sale’ | The Wall Blog

When will brands ever learn? Do people not use the internet and read stuff? When it comes to social media we are now at a point when we have a fat pile of case files detailing how various brands have failed at social media, but this does not apparently stop other brands copying these mistakes […]

Yahoo! will! ignore! ‘Do! Not! Track!’ from! IE10! • The Register

Yahoo! has announced that it will ignore the default “Do Not Track” (DNT) signal broadcast by Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, on grounds that it does not accurately reflect user intent. “Recently, Microsoft unilaterally decided to turn on DNT in Internet Explorer 10 by default, rather than at users’ direction,” a Yahoo! spokesperson said in a […]

Belkin WeMo Switch – Apple Store (UK)

Okay I totally want to upgrade our remote lights to iPhone remote lights. #firstworldproblems The Belkin WeMo Switch and the free WeMo app work together to let you turn electronics on or off from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wherever you are. No matter if it’s a lamp, a fan, or a stereo, you […]

Rob Manuel: I’ve been booted from Facebook and now they want my passport

“Which means somewhere on their system they have a load of scanned passports. Well, that’s not a security fuck up waiting to happen, is it?” via Rob Manuel: I’ve been booted from Facebook and now they want my passport.

‘Password’ Tops List of Worst Passwords of 2012 [VIDEO]

1. password (unchanged) 2. 123456 (unchanged) 3. 12345678 (unchanged) 4. abc123 (up 1) 5. qwerty (down 1) 6. monkey (unchanged) 7. letmein (up 1) 8. dragon (up 2) 9. 111111 (up 3) 10. baseball (up 1) 11. iloveyou (up 2) 12. trustno1 (down 3) 13. 1234567 (down 6) 14. sunshine (up 1) 15. master (down […]

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