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» The New Firefox Cookie Policy Web Policy

The key point here is most analytics are used by publishers to show readership numbers, most advertising networks are used as a revenue source and unclicked social widgets are used to promote content. So is this the death of the web as we know it? Beta versions of the Firefox browser will limit tracking by ad […]

Freakonomics » An Economist on the Oscars

“We don’t think our customers are smart enough to tell us which of our products are good. So we created a ceremony to correct our customers.” Movies are not a product made just for the members the academy. These ventures are primarily made for the general public. And yet, when it comes time to decide […]

Brands Brace for Deluge of New Domains in April | Adweek

In the last few weeks, the Association of National Advertisers and more than 60 companies, including Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Time Warner, Microsoft and General Mills, have sent comments to Icann that call for a limited preventative registration (LPR). For a fee, the LPR would enable companies to block registration of their trademarks across all […]

Ikea Wins Valentine’s Day With Offer of Free Crib—Nine Months From Now | Adweek

Ikea Australia has done the maths (or has it?) and come up with an amusing Valentine’s Day offer—a free crib for babies born nine months from today. You’ll have to clip out the voucher and keep it in a safe place for those nine months, and also provide proof of birth (whatever that means). The […]

Facebook to Make Targeted Ads More Transparent For Users | Digital – Advertising Age

Finally FB agrees to use the AdChoices icon. Facebook is about to get more transparent in the way it targets advertising at its users. The social network has agreed to start displaying the little blue “AdChoices” icon on its display ads served through its FBX ad exchange after months of public and private complaints from […]

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