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easy… tiger

Am I missing something here? So Stelios Haji-Ioannou (the man behind the expensive yet marketed as cheap) easyjet has bought a heap of easy related domains. Including easyhotel and easypizza. This makes him an entrepreneur allegedly. A number of easyXXX websites state”We are currently investigating business opportunities in the XXX market.” I could do that […]

Purple in the Park

Purple was fun. Met Andrew before hand and then met Paulie in the park followed by Colin who I haven’t seen in ages. Then Scally and the usual blogger suspects. Jonathan and Markie and Ian. I also met up with Steve who was over from Amsterdam for the weekend. I eventually made it home earlyish […]

weekend in review

Friday night in Ikea shocker! okay so you know you are past it when the most exciting thing that happens on a friday night is you and spence go to Ikea for food and shopping. Then onto Asda – I mean how low can I sink? Oh believe me it got worse as then I […]

amsterdam from another viewpoint

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been to amsterdam now and yet my trip this weekend was very different from any of my previous ones. When I lived in Tilburg in the south of the netherlands I visited Amsterdam frequently. I visited friends and more recently had a partner living there. This […]

wonderful weekend

what a lovely and relaxing weekend it was – steve came over from amsterdam on friday and we managed to see each other a lot considering he is trying to move flats over the next few weekends he is over in London – when I say move flats what I actually mean is giveup his […]

fantastic weekend

Jacs and I enjoyed a really nice weekend with fantastic hospitality. We arrived and were met at Schipol by Steve and then went back for some drinks with LIsa, Phil and Conchita. Went into town for a few more beers and then made some plans for the weekend. Saturday was spent at Binnen Hof shopping […]


I’m jetting off to see the boyf again this weekend – but with a twist I’m going with my best friend so that should be interesting. Jacs was feeling down a few weeks ago so I treated us to some flights out to Amsterdam were we can meet up with some of our old Uni […]

they may change the name

but it isn’t to protect the innocent… Connex were bad but South Central are just as bad. Steve is going back to Amsterdam today so he was leaving mine ot go home and collect his stuff first. We arrived at Streatham Common around midday to get a ticket – there was a long queue so […]

interwebnetAMP#153; people are funny

I cancelled my trip to Amsterdam this weekend in favour of staying home and trying to get better and lots of firends have Im’d me and offered sympathy – {{{IAIN}}} most recently from davo he says ‘that means hugs’ ;) I also received a {{{ [ Iain ] }}} hugs with steriguard™

cough splutter

okay so I dragged myself back to the doctors this morning as my chest really hadn’t improved since my infsction a few weeks ago and I now have a new set of antibiotics. I had a choice in fact [kid in a candy store comes to mind] I could have scary sounding ones 4 a […]

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