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Keep smiling

Brilliant Oligatory Office Supplies arrived in my inbox today which is just as well since it looks like AOL is up for sale

Do I really need a new IM client?

Okay so I use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and iChat for work. They work nicely and most people I know use them. I use MSN sparingly and a few people I know use it but of course more importantly the other half uses it. I was having problems using MSN for mac until I discovered […]


I keep getting asked this question so here is the guide to AIM URL’s You can use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) codes in hyperlinks to interact with the AIM or iChat clients. Here is the list of AIM codes and how to use them: To use a space If you want to use a space […]

stalk to your hearts content

I built a tool like this when I first started at AOL. It was using an old proprietary coding language only AOL use and would not have been suitable for member use so I just used it to stalk ahem I mean search for people on gaydar and AOL. goes a bit further though […]

brand consultants

So I’ve decided if I ever sell my other flat I’m going to start a brand consultants. There is a particular consultancy that has been using the same old tired designs again and again. What shall we do this time? I know lets use their name in fuzzy letters and four colourways. In fact lets […]

Live 8

Okay so now I have some pics on flickr of Live 8 at Also a little video here of people running to get to the front of the main area when the gates opened at 12. (erm looks to be not working – I’ll fix that ASAP) In the mean time why not check […]


Okay so Live8 is happening tomorrow – it coincides with London Pride so it’s going to be nice and quiet in London tomorrow. Not! AOL are sponsoring the event and also providing live streams of all of the events so you can watch which concert you want. So I’m going to be at the London […]

The Stepford Wives

I go to Clapham Picturehouse quite a lot now I’ve discovered how nice it is and that it’s local too. So when the picturehouse group opened a new cinema by work (Olympia Cinema) I decided to go check it out. Last weekend was the opening weekend so along with lots of other people in the […]

I thought I was at work

I went to see Monster last night at Whiteleys in Bayswater and when I was leaving I saw a man wearing an AOL running man tee shirt.

the tube

Lot’s of fun today with the tube. the holden age – all about art deco on the tube. Also since I was there and playing how about a LUL tube map desktop wallpaper? Or I could always promote AOL for a change :o)

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