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iPhone 3G jailbroken (beta)

The iPhone Dev Team released its iPhone 3G unlocking utility, yellowsn0w, on the first of the year although it’s still a beta. If you’d like to crack your iPhone with the beta remember version 0.9.4 beta works only with iPhone baseband 02.28.00, that’s the version installed by iPhone 2.2 Software Update, Apple’s most recent firmware […]

The long wait to record free HD TV in the UK with Freesat+

For years we’ve been promised that Freeviw would be the future. Now of course we have freesat too but more importantly and something I’m hoping will be the future is freesat+ Essentially it’s all the best bits of freesat – the free HD programmes the regular extra free channels and no monthly subscription with the […]

Fighting back against the monopolists

So in my quest to get a Freeview+ box with DVD player/recorder I ended up buying an LG RHT297H which is great in most ways (a few niggles like losing the time and hence recording times when the power cuts) but is forced to only play region 2 DVDs. Now I’ve said it before and […]

Ten Four

Oh it’s been ages since I had a decent one of these… Thanks to Spence for livening up my Monday morning! Here are FOUR things you may not have known about me: A: Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. Club Host at Heaven 2. Bar Manager 3. Licensee in Soho 4. Head […]

gay marriages

Well over at Jonathan’s they are celebrating 11 happy years together. Which is sweet. Really heart warming stuff. In the meantime though religion is striking out and John Howard is making a fool of himself again. So basically the catholic church (never known for it’s ‘christian’ compassion) is saying that men and women who are […]

I’m sulking

I don’t have enough points to migrate to Australia :(

Sunny Sydney

Okay so here it is the review of my last 3 weeks – so a bit of a long read… I arrived after a flight fraught with anticipation. Time for a quick shower and headed out to The Imperial in Newtown to try and catch up with Herb and the other four Wellingtonians who had […]

I love the internet

I forgot I needed a visa for my trip to Australia later this month so I zipped along to the Australian Immigration website for details of electronic visas. They let you apply online and within 2 minutes I have a visa :) Fab or what? It’s also environmentally friendly. “Your ETA has been recorded on […]

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