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farscape – peacekeeper wars

‘There was a boy called John…’ When Crichton is interrogated by the Eidolons and has to explain his predicament, he says he does it for the 89th time. This is a reference to Ben Browder’s voice-over for the opening sequence of the 88 episodes of the Farscape series. Sky One have been using this voice […]

notetoself: keep up

So I don’t check the Appple Trailers for a while and all of a sudden there is a new Farscape Movie. I mean hello… Ben Browder on the big screen :o)

disturbing search requests revisited

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friday diversions

Not that we need one today. It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK and it’s sunny outside but… 1. Who is your favorite celebrity? I honestly don’t think I have one. I like a few of them but it’s hard to say you have a favourite when I don’t know them. 2. Who is […]

No more Ben Browder :(

John points out that Farscape aired it’s final show whilst I was out of the country (damn I knew I forgot to get something taped what with 24 and all). I’m kind of happy I can delay the inevitable though as I missed the majority of the final season. So at least I have something […]

no way!

Dave at work just sent me a link to a site that claims Farscape is being canned :o( After a little investigation it appears this is true :o( no more Ben Browder fixes for me then – good job I had a big Matt Damon fix last night then. Phew.

the weekend

well an interesting weekend all in all – I was going to revert to a weekend in hypertext™ but then realised a lot of it would be missed as there are no related websites. Friday night was a bit of a rest and recuperation from the working week – I know it was only 3 […]

Ben Browder hubba hubba

Ben Browder hubba hubba

you know I feel really

you know I feel really bad about this but ben browder may have been replaced – by scott bairstow from party of five :o) he’s a nice boy

the farscape marathon is on

the farscape marathon is on sci fi at the moment which is a huge dose of Ben Browder for your money :o) hurrah! okay so if it isn’t people looking for nude pics of connie then it’s people who hate her that end up at my site. I wonder if it is Connie or if […]

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