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Plan to test mobile phones on the Underground

Transport for London (TfL) had appealed for telecommunications companies to come forward for a trial on the Waterloo & City line but have drawn a blank. The aim of the test – originally scheduled for 2008 – was to find how out technically and commercially viable a scheme would be. All I can say is […]


I’ve recevied this by email a few times already over the weekend. “East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched a national “In case of Emergency ( ICE ) ” campaign with the support of Falklands war hero Simon Weston and in association with Vodafone’s annual life savers award. The idea is that you store the word […]

New Toys

Scally has taken great delight in showing off his new mobile phone. It has a colour screen and screensaver and the like. Three points… The screensaver was vile The less said about the pictures the better It’s a work phone You can take the … out of … but you can’t take the … out […]

What a nice idea

This morning I arrived at Streatham Common station to the sound of an alarm and the platform milling with police officers. As I crossed over to the London platform the siren stopped and it became apparent that the police were simply warning of mobile phone thefts. Not only that but they were marking peoples phones […]

HaXoR ChAt iS KewL

The below transcript is true only the names have been changed [mine noticeably] to protect the innocent – on the other hand if you wanna IM HR CL Direct and warn them a few times feel free :) I knew it was a hAxOr type person and was bored so played with there head and […]


the most annoying fucker in the world has got Quincy ME theme tune on his mobile phone louder than a bloody fire alarm and thinks it’s amusing to sit and ring it every 5 minutes. Next time he goes to get a coffee I’m gonna break it in half.


is it my imagination or has the world gone completely mad? well actually just English Law but the world sounds grander. mobile phone theif gets 4 years versus 2 years for raping a six year old boy [wednesday’s metro]

like we needed another reason

like we needed another reason to eat chocolate? In a Willy Wonka type competition, confectionery maker Cadbury’s is planning to hide codes inside the wrappers of millions of chocolate bars. By sending a mobile phone text message containing the code to Cadbury’s, chocolate lovers can win prizes such as DVD players and widescreen TVs.

I do like toys –

I do like toys – especially when they are free! Sending an SMS to virtually any mobile phone is cool!

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