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away for christmas

Andy and I are in Paris at the moment waiting for our flight to Johannesburg. We decided to avoid Christmas in London and not go home to parents. Can’t wait to get some winter sun :o)

Christmas in Soho

More pictures… Did I mention I have a new phone? It’s a Sony Ericsson w800i – in a massive move away from both Nokia (last phone wass a bit poo and no new decent on) and Orange (really poor service if you are already a customer). So hello O2 and hello SonyEriccson oh and hello […]

waterford – more than crystal

So work have a warehouse call centre based in Waterford, Ireland and Nick and I came over to offer some training to one of the teams here. Sadly there is only one flight a day to Waterford from London Stanstead during the winter months so we opted to fly into Cork for a more convenient […]

White Christmas

So we had a lovely white christmas here at my parents. So we’ve been outside playing in the snow. Hope the bookies aren’t too upset about losing money on it!

note to self: manchester trip overdue

I’m thinking maybe May would be a good time to visit! Failing that I could just buy the calendar and not visit at all… On an entirely different note. Christmas presents are hard to find for some people so when I found the ant farm thing and liked it I figure I should just buy […]

Anti Spam

What a cool idea for identifying spam origins. [email protected] I always use the site name or some other form of altered address. I noticed recetly for instance I was getting spam to one address I used only once over christmas last year. Unfortunately I discovered a friend had this address on their blog :( I […]

Emotional Blackmail

I normally don’t talk about my family much on here. Today I am going to make an exception. I’m going to quote an email I received from my mum today. Granted it was to both my brother and I – so we can share the guilt equally no doubt. Whilst asking us to call my […]

increased awareness

Meg was just talking about this. I was thinking about it this time last week but couldn;t think how to express it – so I’ll just tell you about it and you can reword it in your own head. I was reading Nick Hornby – How to Be Good which was a christmas gift and […]

pop quiz

andrew and I dropped down to the retro bar last night – I needed out of my flat – and joined in with the pop quiz. Poor Dave joined our team and I was traumatised to learn I failed to beat my personal best of 6. What with Dave answering all bar one question I […]

i hate the M6

i spent a good portion of yesterday on it – not actually moving you understand just sat bumper to bumper with all the other people who had decided to go up north for christmas.

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