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fireman uniform

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in some of my friends to look at a uniform before they look at the person in it. Okay so some of them have always been like that but it seems to be getting worse. Now I’ve noticed that even though I have never really […]

Gai Paris

I was in Paris at the weekend. Well Saturday night actually. It sounds like a romantic extravagant gesture. It wasn’t ;) Essentially 4 friends have birthdays around the same time. I only knew one of the birthday boys and a few of the forty people going. Mark one of the birthday boys works for eurostar […]

I need a PA

No really I do. Okay so I double booked myself on Saturday. So I rescheduled one of them to Friday – now that is double booked too :o( It get’s worse as I was going down to Bournemouth next week end to see Steve and David. Only to remember that I am having my eyes […]

Fire Fire

Whilst having a barbeque this evening with the lovely DR David and also Andrew we noticed a fire around about the Mayday Hospital in Croydon. Thick black smoke was apparent in a few moments and lasted for no more than 5 minutes. Amazing to think how fire can spread so quickly. Earlier in the Day […]

Alcohol is NOT our friend

Saturday Spence, and Glenn along with David [yes another one] and Benjy and I had dinner in Leicester Square. The table next to us managed to set their candle on fire – yes I know they are supposed to burn but not the entire thing all at once. The waiter casually opened the door to […]

google is cool

Not only did they celebrate Piet Mondrian’s birthday but I also discovered they have a related sites thingy that hooks me up with people like Ian, David and David

So Mardi Gras, I guess

So Mardi Gras, I guess I better write a bit about it then? Met up with the usual suspects and friends before wandering down the path in hyde park thereby cutting off the start. Mark and Ryan who were staying with me [and had helped start the day with champagne on the roof terrace] asked […]

Just catching up on other

Just catching up on other peoples blogs this morning [in between work honest] and realised that I was not the only blogger at Saturday evening’s sports and shorts event. I was wondering where I knew a few of the faces from [and some were from a past life] but others must have been from this […]

Wednesday night at David’s birthday

Wednesday night at David’s birthday meal we discussed same-sex marriages and again I have to say I wonder why gay men and women are so desperate to emulate something which is failing in modern society.

Okay so it is David’s

Okay so it is David’s birthday and he is allowed to choose the venue for his meal but… Old Orleans Restaurant : A Taste of the Deep South I mean come on. We may as well just go to an Aberdeen Steakhouse : A Taste of Tourist London.

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