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Data cops: Facebook privacy plans must be ‘modified’ • The Register

Facebook remains tied to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlement that “prohibits the company from changing privacy settings without the affirmative consent of users or misrepresenting the privacy or security of users’ personal information”. Indeed, as of November 2011, Facebook agreed to bi-annual privacy audits for two decades as part of its deal with the […]

Tweets on 2012-04-24

@russelltovey since #DrawSomething says you already have too many games I'm guessing so. in reply to russelltovey # @TSGoodchild excellent :) in reply to TSGoodchild # @DaraghLally yeah we are in Dublin at the weekend :) #excited in reply to DaraghLally # What goes on twitter doesn't stay on twitter @guardiantech:Twitter users arrested over naming […]


So I’m getting to Dublin more often than I used to and although I love Charlies for some chilli prawns before a night out I’ve now found a great list of late night cafe’s in Dublin which should come in handy for the next time I visit.

Big Brother Seven

Oh dear another year seems to have slipped by. Can it really be BB7? I remember way back when being in Dublin training and having BB1 or was it BB2 streaming on the main screen. It doesn’t seem that long ago. This year it looks like the producers have just decided to fill the house […]


okay so now home from Dublin – the day was good and very productive if a little long for my liking. weird how the dublin office seems much friendlier than ours. flew back but no veggie meal as the travel company which books it failed to pass on the info. so erm what’s the point […]


It’s 5am and I’m getting ready to go to Dublin for the day – 7:45 flight :o( not happy – ugh oh and I managed to leave my laptop at work last night somehow – so no doubt I’ll be in trouble :o(

Noozleland: Donna and the bus…

I met a friend from work on Friday. She works in our Dublin office and I haven’t seen her for over 18 months. She was in our London office as she has taken a new job and was coming to meet some people here before going back. So we are chatting and catching up when […]

ooh I forgot to mention

ooh I forgot to mention that last night whilst I was staying in the citywest hotel in Dublin I met the Irish Soccer team in the showers – quite literally :o)

bugger bugger buggery bollocks I

bugger bugger buggery bollocks I completely got messed up by the Bank Holiday thing and am supposed to be on a flight to Dublin at 5.30 tonight – only slight problem is I forgot and have not brought a change fo clothes or anything… gah and also I made plans for tonight and tomorrow night […]

went out for drinks to

went out for drinks to Kazbar last night with Tim which was really nice. bumped into José who I thought was in Spain but turns out he is back on holiday so that was nice too. He has invited me over for a holiday and I must say if it wasn’t for my hectic schedule […]

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